The Siq


This is the grand entrance to Petra. You will be  walking through a hidden canyon or winding passage ( Siq) of 1.2km (3/4-mile) . The journey through this mysterious, highly sculptural passageway can be one of the most memorable parts of the Petra experience . Notice the channels cut into the rock that once held pipes for the water system that carried the waters from the spring of Ain Musa into Petra. According to Nabatean and local Bedouin legend, Petra's water source, Ain Musa ("the Spring of Moses"), was created when Moses struck a rock with his staff in despair in Zin desert.  Niches in the walls of the Siq once held the images of gods that jstected the city, and that served to intimidate foreign visitors as they made their way into Petra.

Petra - The Siq