Borot Lotz ( Cistern ) hiking trail
 Ardon Valley hiking

Ardon Valley


Begin Hike           :  Parking lot at Ramat Saharonim, Ardon Valley

Difficulty level     :  Easy for families. The climb to Cone hill is steep.

Hiking Distance  :  3  km each direction BlueTrail

Hiking Duration   :  About 3  hr

The hike begins at the parking of Saharonim Highlands in Ramon Crater. You can arrive there from Mitzpe Ramon , drive toward Beerot campsite ' follow the black marking' and then continue to the parking. The trail is marked well so you can't miss it.

Follow the blue trail that descends to Nahal Ardon. This will be bring to under the Cone hill, you can't miss it, and you first climb it for a spectacular view of Ardon Valley. On top observe  pay attention to the visible signs of volcanic activity. You will see the marks of many dikes that raised the ground level of the soft sand layers. From the Cone Hill continue down along  Nahal Ardon and enjoy the scene of the colorful cake sand layer formations. At the end of the trail turn back and return to your car . Although it seems a chore to use the same path back you still enjoy it again with the effect of changing light .