Borot Lotz ( Cistern ) hiking trail
 Nekarot horseshoe Hiking

Nekarot Horseshoe circular trail


Begin Hike           :  Parking lot at Ein Saharonim,

Difficulty level     :  Easy for families.

Hiking Distance  :  5  km circular blue trail

Hiking Duration   :  About 2  hr

Its a circular hike that begin from the parking lot in Ein Saharonim in the Ramon Crater. The hike begins Nabatean In, a historical site that was once one of the stations that were built along the Spice Route. From there you continue to Nekarot Canyon . Along the way enjoy the beauty of the Canyon steep Walls whic will lead you to a gravel path that marks the end of the Canyon. Here you  turn left and walk the original Spice Route trail all the way to the parking lot.