Ein Avdat Ein Mor National Park hiking trail map
 Ein Avdat Ein Mor National Park hiking trail map

Ein Avdat Ein Mor hiking trail


Begin Hike           :   Midreshet Ben-Gurion National Park ( Paid Entrance )

Difficulty level     :  Easy for families

Hiking Distance  :  2  km

Hiking Duration   :  About 1-1.5  hr


The trail begins in the lower entrance of Ein Avdat National Park. Its a butitifull easy trails that leads you through the desert water pools . Its one way trail , from the bottom to top, so you have to arrange for a car pickup at the upper entrance. Ein Mor is the first spring you will see its an underground spring that flows all year long. You continue south in a impressive canyon that leads to another spring , Ein Avdat. Along the way you will see desert flora and ibex that made this place their home. The trails ends with an ascent and at portion you will have to climb a built in stone  ladder.