Ein Akev map in Zin Valley
Ein Akev Hiking trail map

Ein Akev spring in Zin Valley 


Begin Hike         :   Parking lot Midreshet Ben Gurion

Difficulty level   :  Moderate  for families ( not recommended in the summer )

Hiking Distance  :  6  km

Hiking Duration   :  About 5  hr


Begin from the parking lot at Midreshet Ben Gurion : About 5-6 hour loop trail, the  hiking trail begins at the bottom of the winding road from the parking lot,  its marked blue .  The scenery along the way is of a dry desert with vegetation along the Zin River until you come to the Akev spring. There you'll find a beautiful pool of clear and cool water under a small fall. It's a nice place to swim.  Take lots of water, especially in the summer. The water in the Ein Akev's is not that good for drinking .