Borot Lotz ( Cistern ) hiking trail
 Borot Lotz hiking

Borot Lotz


Begin Hike           :   Camping site Borotz Lotz  ( Cisterns ) off Rt 171

Difficulty level     :  Easy for families

Hiking Distance  :  4.5  km Red Trail

Hiking Duration   :  About 2.5  hr


Its a circular trail from Borot Lotz Cisterns that begins in North East direction. The trail follows an easy terrain. Along the way you will be able to  see signs of  farming terraces , fruit orchards, old farmhouses and water cisterns . The cisterns are from about 1000 BC,  Israeli period, and are on an old farming land. This is an opportunity to see the farming settlement from king Solomon time. In the winter time the cisterns are filled with water and in the springtime you will see here the magic scene of a desert in full bloom.